Azerbaijani cuisine


Azerbaijani cuisine definitely doesn’t have a lack of recipes and ingredients: the mountain and subtropical climate of the country perfectly supplies its inhabitants with everything necessary for preparing tasty and healthy food - it is not without reason that Azerbaijan is considered the land of long-livers. Azerbaijani cuisine is prepared from beef and lamb, poultry and fish, fruits and vegetables, with the obligatory addition of fresh herbs, as well as aromatic seasonings and spices. Azerbaijani cuisine is very satisfying, nutritious and high-calorie, therefore it is often called “men's cuisine” for fun.A special dish of Azerbaijani cuisine is pilaf - a rice dish seasoned with saffron and complemented with meat or fruit filling (pilaf width). There are more unusual versions of Azerbaijani pilaf, among which pilaf with milk, eggs or nuts, as well as a han pilaf baked in pastry. Azerbaijani pilaf differs in an original way of cooking and serving: rice base and filling are prepared separately and mixed only when served. It is customary to drink pilaf with sorbet - a soft drink, which includes fruit and berry juices, as well as infusions of seeds and buds of various plants.


Another dish that Azerbaijani cuisine is famous for is barbecue - juicy and aromatic, cooked on the grill or in the tandoor, from lamb or sturgeon, seasoned with a special sour spice - sumac. Even in Azerbaijan, they love dolma - a dish also traditional for Armenia and Turkey. Most often, dolma means minced meat wrapped in grape leaves - this classic version of the dish is called "yarpag". There are other types of dolma when tomatoes, eggplant or pepper are stuffed with meat.Another dish popular in the country's culinary cuisine - kutab - is called Azerbaijani fast food: it is a thin crescent-sized palm pie stuffed with meat filling and fried in hot simmering oil. There is also a vegetarian version of this dish - chum salmon stuffed with spinach, cilantro, dill, pomegranate seeds and grated cheese. There is a place in Azerbaijani cuisine for soups: they cook hot meat (piti), cold with kefir (dovga), flour (umach), meat balls (kuftabozbash) and many other soups. Salads of fresh vegetables and greens, pickles are also served to the table without fail, and the analogs of bread are churek and pita bread. With special love, Azerbaijan treats tea drinking after a hearty dinner, therefore various sweets and jams are very popular here. More than 30 varieties of Azerbaijani sweet pastries are added poppy seeds, nuts, almonds, sesame seeds, ginger, cardamom and much more. Among the most famous Azerbaijani sweets are baklava, shekurbur, Baku kurabye. Baklava in each region of Azerbaijan is prepared according to a special recipe and even looks different: classic baklava in the form of a rhombus, the famous Shekinskaya - square, and in the Gabala region they prepare a triangular baklava called "uchgulag". It is also customary to serve jam for tea in Azerbaijan; it is made from watermelons, white dogwood, young walnuts, as well as from the so-called paradise apples the size of a cherry.