Samarkand is a famous city in Uzbekistan with mosques and mausoleums. The Great Silk Road is a trade route linking China with the Mediterranean countries. Important sights: Registan Square, richly decorated with three madrassas of the 15th and 17th centuries, and the tomb of Gur-Amir - the magnificent tomb of Teymur, the founder of the Teymur Empire.

Registan Located in the center of the ancient Samarkand, it is a decoration of one of the most magnificent squares in the world. The magnificence and beauty of the Registan is a delight for everyone. There is a legend that public executions were carried out in the square from the beginning of the fifteenth century until the beginning of the twentieth century .Therefore the region was called Registan ("reg" - sand and "camp" - place) - sand.

Gur-Amir Mausoleum Gur-Amir (translated as "tomb of the Emir" and "master's tomb") - The tomb of the Timurids, masterpieces of Central Asian architecture, the burial ground of Amir Teymur, two sons - Shahrukh and Miranshah, grandchildren, Muhammad Sultan and great astronomer Ulugbek. also a spiritual teacher, Timur, a Muslim Sheikh Mir Seyed Bereke from Medina and a certain Shah-Hoca. Gur Emir is a tomb whose construction is related to the destruction of 27-year-old Mohammed Sultan, the beloved grandson of the great Emir and heir to the throne.                                                                          

AFROSIAB ”MUSEUMIt is a museum that unveils the mystery in Samarkand and reveals the magic of the city. Burura is the Afrosiab Museum. It is located in the north of Samarkand, near the ancient Afrosiab settlement. Archaeological excavations began in this area in 1894, and as a result, a large number of artifacts were created that made up the museum's exposition. Afrosiab Museum in Samarkand (Uzbekistan), located near the ancient Afrosiab settlement, tells of the life, culture, and traditions of the people living in the area at different times.COMPLEX IMAM AL-BUKHARIThere is a small village called Hartang, 12 km away from Samarkand, where the tomb of Imam al-Bukhari is located. The Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan began to prepare for the celebration in April 1997, when it decided to mark the 1225th anniversary of Imam al-Bukhari's birth. On the initiative of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan IA Karimov a magnificent memorial complex with a mosque, mausoleum, madrasah and library was built in Hartang city.Ishrathona LandscapeIshrathona is a unique architectural monument southeast of Registan Square. It was built in the second half of the 15th century. There are numerous legends regarding the construction of this building. Uzbek cuisineUzbek cuisine attracts tourists. You have probably heard of the famous Uzbek pilaf. There are more than 20 best dishes, soups and salads in Uzbekistan worth trying out.

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