Jordan's tourist attractions include historical sites such as the world famous Petra (since 1985, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and declared one of the New Seven Wonders of the World), the Jordan River, Mount Nebo, Madaba, numerous medieval mosques and churches, as well as natural nature reserves (Wadi Rum and mountainous regions of northern Jordan). Petra is an ancient city of the Nabatean kingdom, completely carved into the rock. A passage through a narrow gorge 1.25 km long in the rocks, which ends with the rocky gates of Sik, leads to the ancient city. All but two of the buildings of the ancient city are carved into the rock, including the Al-Khazneh temple (translated from Arabic as “treasury”), named one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World”. Other significant sites in Petra include a monastery, a Roman theater, royal tombs, a place of sacrifice. Petra was discovered by Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burkhardt in 1812;Umm Case - a city on the site of the destroyed Greco-Roman city;

• Jarash - a city that is famous for ancient Roman architecture (columns, Corinthian arches, open-air theaters);

• Shubak - a city with a crusader castle “Crac de Montreal”, which designated the eastern and southern borders of the expansion of the crusaders;

• Ajlun - the city where the medieval castle of the Crusaders is located;

• El-Karak - the city where the castle of the same name is located;

• Umm al-Jimal, referred to as the “black pearl of the desert” - the ancient city of Decapolis. Its black basalt mansions and towers have long inspired poets.

• Montreal is a crusader castle located less than an hour from Petra. The castle was taken by Saladin 75 years after the construction.

• Kuseir Amra - the ancient residence of the Caliphs, one of the best preserved monuments of the Umayyad period, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its internal walls and ceilings are covered with unique frescoes, two rooms are paved with colorful mosaics.

• Um al-Rasas - UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Religious tourist sites

• Maheron - an ancient Jewish fortress, which went down in history as a prison where John the Baptist was kept and executed.

• The Jordan River is a river in which Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist according to Christian tradition.

• Madaba is known for its mosaics, as well as important religious sites, such as the Map of Madaba - the oldest surviving original cartographic image of the Holy Land, including Jerusalem, dates from the 6th century AD. uh .

• Mount Nebo, with which, according to the Bible, Moses looked at the Promised Land before death.

 Beach vacation

Aqaba - a city on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba with numerous shopping centers, hotels and guarded coral reefs. The ruins of medieval Idumea are also located here. Aqaba is famous for its many nightclubs, concerts and entertainment events held by DJs from many countries, as well as opportunities for practicing various sports. Many wealthy Jordanians specially come to Aqaba for a weekend. City development plans provide for the investment of about $ 20 billion in tourist tourist facilities and real estate in order to turn Aqaba into a "new Dubai."

• The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the land surface, 402 meters below sea level, with sea level dropping by about 1 meter annually. The Dead Sea is the only reservoir of the Jordan River and was part of the kingdoms of the Midianites and Moabs mentioned in the Bible. Numerous world-class resorts are located on the Jordanian coast of the Dead Sea, with such networks as Kempinski and Marriott. In addition, there are water parks, public beaches and restaurants. Places of popular excursions
Amman is the capital of Jordan, a modern cosmopolitan city known for its shopping centers, hotels and the ancient Roman amphitheater;

• Mahis - a city of great religious significance;

• Wadi Rum - a desert in southern Jordan with numerous mountains and hills south of Jordan. In addition to natural attractions, it is used for various sports, including rock climbing; • Irbid is the second largest city in Jordan, it has several museums and shopping centers, as well as a number of educational institutions, including the Jordan University of Science and Technology and Yarmouk University. The number of students in the city is greater than in any other city in Jordan and the Middle East. University Street (University Street) in Irbide has the highest concentration of Internet cafes per kilometer in the world

  • Fujays - a city 20 minutes northwest of Amman, famous for its churches of the 18th-19th centuries and architectural structures;
  • Dar Bassem Safa - an ancient house in the national style

Night life In Jordan, mainly in Amman and, to a lesser extent, in Aqaba, the industry of nightly entertainment is developing. Along with Dubai, Beirut, Sharm el-Sheikh and Manama, Amman is one of the most popular night clubs in the Arab world and the Middle East. The country has seen a boom in nightclubs, from the capital to the resorts of the Dead Sea and Wadi Rama. In connection with the creation of a special economic zone and the influx of investments in Aqaba, there has also been an increase in the number of night and beach clubs.

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