According to legend, Singapore was the first to enter Sumatra. The legendary Singapore is the first stop of the Singapore Supur Summit.

Today Singapore is not only the capital of the same province but also Asia's largest tourism and financial center. One of the main advantages of Singapore is that it is very comfortable and safe for rest and accommodation. Generally,Most of the Singaporean population is engaged in Feng Shui. Singapore is an incredible blend of cultures and traditions:
There are Buddhist and Hindu temples, ultra modern skyscrapers, ethnic areas, ancient neighborhoods, luxury supermarkets, parks and orchid gardens, amusements and numerous restaurants.

Climate and weather.

Equatorial climate prevails in Singapore. Generally, the typical features of local weather are uniform temperature, high humidity and heavy rainfall. The average annual temperature here is between +30 and + 32 ° C, and there are frequent short-term rain showers.


Singapore is located far from the Malacca Peninsula, which is connected by a kilometer-long dam on the southern coast of the island of the same name. The city is located on the plains along the Kalang and Singapore rivers. Due to its rich nature and magnificent parks, Singapore is called the Garden City. The remnants of luxury tropical forests are preserved in the city. In the vicinity of Singapore, you can find numerous species of birds, as well as several species of monkeys such as lemurs.

Places to go. With its colonial past, cultural blend and modern achievements, Singapore is a truly unique city with many different attractions. Orchard-Road Shopping Avenue is of great interest for tourists. The Chijmes Monastery, which is one of the most popular buildings in Singapore Chijmes Hall Church, the great Victorian building includes Lau Pa Sat, Esplanade Theater and Victoria Theater. NutritionSingapore is a multinational city, so you can enjoy Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cuisine everywhere. In all, there are more than 500 first class restaurants in Singapore, where "high" cuisine or exotic Asia You can enjoy delicious dishes and even a large national cuisine festival is being held in Singapore every year. Drinks are also varied, but locals prefer Chinese green tea and cognac-based cocktails.Entertainment and recreationSingapore has a wide selection of entertainment to suit every taste. Initially, it is recommended to visit the zoo (golden monkeys, Sumatra tigers, dwarf hippos, etc.) where many rare animals live. Here is the world's first night zoo "Night Safari". The huge Jurong Bird Park is also very interesting - it is a beautiful and wonderful place with a variety of feathered residents. One of the most beautiful places in the city is the Singapore Botanical Garden. The forum is known for its shopping mall, the famous R-branded supermarket in its area, and Hilton's luxury shopping gallery presents the clothes of the most prominent designers. Other shopping centers in Singapore are more interesting and popular: Suntec City Mall, Orchard Point, Raffles City Shopping Center, Vivo City and Ngee Ann City.Fans of expensive accessories and high quality clothing will go to the Delphi Shopping Center and are suitable for those in the Far East who want expensive jewelry.

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