France is a country in Western Europe, with medieval cities, the Alps and the Mediterranean beaches. The French capital Paris is famous for its fashion houses, including the oldest art museums, including the Louvre and the sights of the Eiffel Tower. France specializes in beach, education, balneology and recreational tourism. France has 20,000 hotels, 85,000 restaurants, 40,000 rural hotels and 11,300 camps. The camps are located between 1 and 4 stars in specially equipped areas and 2,300 camps are in nature. Disneyland Europe is located 37 km east of Paris.

The Louvre Museum. Located in the largest palace in France and one of the largest museums in the world with its rich collections, it is listed on the largest museums. It is impossible to get acquainted with Louvre's exposition in one visit. 1 million tourists visit Luvru every year.

Picasso Museum. The paintings left after the death of P. Picasso, the great artist, are exhibited here, and tourists who love painting and art are more likely to visit this place.Chartres is famous for its Notre Dame Gothic Church with some kind of Gothic sculpture.Normandy is a historic region in northwestern France.

Riviera. İs located in the southeast of the French Mediterranean coast of the French Riviera (between Marseille and the border with Italy). The beauty of the landscape and the subtropical climate created the fame of first-class resorts in cities around this corner of France

Cite Island on Seine. İs the historic center of Paris and the oldest part of the city.

Eiffel Tower. Is a symbol of Paris. Engineer A.G. Designed for the 1889 World Exhibition, the Eiffel Tower is climbing the Eiffel Tower with 3 million tourists every year.

French Alps Chamonix is ​​the oldest ski resort. The first Winter Olympics were held here in 1924. The Chamon Valley is located between Mont Blanc (the highest mountain in Europe - 4807m) and Aiguille Rouge. In 1893, the first skiers appeared here. Since then, the Mont Blanc area has become a favorite destination for skiers. One of the longest descents of the Alps is the White Valley (22 km). Chamonix set a world record for the length of landing in one day. 64 km from Gran Monte massif.This ski area is considered one of the most favorable "sports grounds" in the Alps. The Chamonix Valley is surrounded by sunny Balsam ski area with easy access. The city is located at the crossroads of France, Italy (11 km mountain tunnel under Mont Blanc) and Switzerland (16 kilometers Le Monte border).

Megeve. Prestige is a fashionable ski resort. The diversity of the area is great for both beginners and experienced athletes. Tourists who come here can enjoy a variety of fun by skiing, snowboarding and horseback riding, swimming in pools and playing tennis.

Meribel Resort. is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe. The central position of the Meribel allows skiers to use the entire 600km runway. Each season, Meribel also hosts numerous sporting events - international ski racing, hockey championships, figure skating shows.

Kourchevel. İs an ideal resort for skiers who want to combine sports and comfort. It is especially known for its affordable tourists. Restaurants and first class hotels have made Kourchevel famous worldwide. Situated on four levels (1030, 1550, 1650 and 1850 m), the resort is an excellent ski area with slopes of any complexity. Tourists are offered sporting activities: skiing and snowmobiling in the mountains, swimming, ice skating, snow scooters, paragliding, air and hot balloons, tennis, and bowling and billiards. Here you can find entertainment for all ages.

To travel to France, Azerbaijani citizens must first obtain a Schengen visa. Visa Prise: 35 Euro 1 person.

Price starts from 1200 azn for 2 persons.. Tickets do not include airfare!

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