The capital of Hungary is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The look combines elements of Gothic, Venice, Byzantine and modern construction. Budapest is located in the central region of Hungary, on the two shores of the great Danube. Interestingly, both parts of the word "Budapest" are of Slavic origin: "buda" is translated as a building, a home, and "stove" means stove, hearth. Modern Budapest is a major cultural, scientific and industrial center of Hungary. Here. There are more than 170 exhibitions, museums and theaters. Budapest is the only capital in the world to receive official resort status. Ideal for tourists in Budapest.

Climate and weather

The climate in Budapest is mildly continental. This region is characterized by short and very mild winters with a daily average temperature of -5 ° C. Summer in Budapest is long and very hot. July is the hottest month, the daytime thermometer rises to +30 ° C, and night temperatures rarely drop below +18 C. In Budapest, it rarely rains, especially in spring and autumn.Most tourists prefer to go to Budapest from April to October. Optimal air temperature and absence of rain allow you to relax and explore the sights of the Hungarian capital.

Places of interest

Of course, not only Budapest, but the main attraction of the whole country, is the Parliament building, built in the late 19th century. The neo-gothic style of construction is a kind of symbol of the Hungarian capital. You should pay attention to the famous Gellert Mountain, the Cathedral of Matthias, the Buddhist Tower on the Buddhist hills. Most interesting for tourists is the Cathedral of Matthias, named after the first king of Hungary, which was crowned here in 1458. Today, the area has a history museum and a National Art Gallery. While visiting the Hungarian capital, you should visit one of the world's most spectacular avenues - Andrassi. These beautiful streets and architectural monuments on the street are listed by UNESCO World Heritage. There are numerous museums and galleries in Budapest. The most popular destination for tourists is the Hungarian National Museum and the Aquincum Museum.


 In addition to the mysterious nature of the beautiful forests, you can find many exotic birds, animals and reptiles here. Nutrition

 In Hungary's capital Budapest, almost all cuisines of the world are represented, along with national. The most popular restaurants in the city are Gundel and Zebrodur. These restaurants are among the top 10 restaurants in the world. Opened nearly 120 years ago, this restaurant accurately reflects the 19th century's atmosphere. Here you can enjoy world-famous Hungarian dishes: goulash, paprika, perkelt, cabbage rolls, halasle, a La Gundel, chocolate sauce and rum filling.

Entertainment and recreation

The main attractions of Budapest are, of course, visiting the famous Hungarian baths, which are numerous in the city. Here is the largest heat bath in all of Europe - Secheni. There are many nightclubs, bars and discos in the city. And in the Budapest Aquarium you can watch Amazonian pirates, etc. The largest water park in Central Europe is located in the Hungarian capital. Located, with walking, diving attractions and numerous pools. Beach lovers can visit the Palatinus beach on the island of Magritus. Many tourists arriving in Budapest this summer are traveling to the island to enjoy the delicate rays of the Hungarian sun.

It is important for Azerbaijani citizens to obtain Schengen visa to visit Hungary. 

Visa price -35 euro PRICE starts at 500 AZN for 2 people. Tickets do not include airfare!


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