Duration: 3-4 hours Route: The excursion program “Baku - the city of mysterious lights” is a fascinating walking tour of the ancient streets of Baku, starts from Nizami Street (old Torgovaya Street), which is called the local Arbat, which is full of luminous windows, shops, restaurants, cafes located on the ground floors unique European architecture of buildings from the end of the 19th century, thanks to which Baku is also called little Paris or Paris of the East.After, the famous Fountains Square where the night life of the capital begins under the bright light of lanterns. Continuing the tour of the wide modern streets by bus. You will see the main attractions of the center of the metropolis and feel the evening romance of city lights.Venues: Crossing Nizami Street and BulBul (at the BulBul monument).

1. The walking part of the street. BulBul Street (BulBul Monument)Famous Nizami Street (Torgovaya Street)Fountain SquareSabir ParkMain Gate of the Old City (Icheri Sheher)

2. After excursion in Transport Prospect NeftyanikovsGovernor's GardenThe building of the Philharmonic them. Muslim MagomaevMetro station "Icheri Sheher"City Hall of BakuModern complex “Flame Towers”Upland ParkFlag SquareFreedom SquareWhite CityZarifa Aliyeva Street

3. End of Excursion


Intersection of Rashid Behbudov and Nizami streets. 

The tour includes the following services:

1. Comfortable bus

2. Russian or English speaking guide

3. Water

4. Souvenirs

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