Vietnam is a country in southeast Asia, off the coast of the South China Sea. It is known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist temples and beautiful cities. The capital is Hanoi. There is a large marble tomb of the famous leader of the Communist Party Ho Chi Minh. In Ho Chi Minh City, formerly called Saigon, you will find many French colonial-style buildings, as well as museums dedicated to the history of the Vietnam War. Traveling to Vietnam after Thailand is an interesting choice. Vietnam is also a destination for many tourists.


The city is very popular among tourists. Tourists The main advantage is the spacious beach and a clean city walk. There are still very interesting places for beach vacations in Nyanchang area. In one of them, Zocklet (Docklet) beach .Nyachang is also very interesting in the sights.For example, Ponagar Castle near Tam. The city itself has interesting temples, and even the Catholic Cathedral. The island of Winperl is very popular among tourists.


 Phan Thiet, south of Vietnam. This area is a small town with the most Windsurfing-loving tourists. Surfing has all the facilities here. MUYNE is a very picturesque place - the palm trees and the red rocks surrounding the city are of interest to tourists.


 There is only a spectacular beach with a wide and infinite horizon. This unique city has a beautiful beach and a central metropolis, a harmonious interior. One can see the old houses of Chinese merchants, the buildings of French colonists, and the elegant Japanese bridges in the historic center. At the same time, Xoian has all water bodies, including a river and a lake.

The climate of Vietnam

Everyone knows that SEA has two chapters: very wet and less humid. November - December to April; Rainy season from September to December; . We divide the third season by the logic of the number of months in the year - the hot month. However, Vietnam is large and does not have the same climate. Thus, the rainy season in the center and the north is more noticeable. Places of interest.

Places of interest

Halong Bay is one of the few places to visit in Vietnam. They are united across the country and are not next to each other. The magnificent beauty here is a natural attraction, a national park, a living, active. There are fishing villages in the Gulf which are completely over water. The Gulf itself is remarkable with its grandeur: many islands, rocks and caves - the beauty of nature rules the world here. Dalat is the pearl of the city in the mountains. Great strawberries are grown in Dalat and this is one of the tourists' favorite berries.

Vietnamese cuisine

The cuisine delights tourists with unusual combinations and exotic tastes. Each table is served with a large plate of greens, peppers and free green tea. 

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