Holidays in the Czech Republic


Holidays in the Czech Republic - one of the countries that bring pleasure to tourists in any season: here you can wander through the alleys of medieval cities, make your way through the enfilade and halls of any of more than two thousand castles, get fresh beer and overeat grilled sausages, and then, remembering from gastronomic debauchery, reanimate the liver and pancreas Karlovy Vary waters. Czechs can boast of the highest level of beer consumption per capita. Hence, apparently, another funny fact: the first detox in the world was organized in 1951 in Prague. For lovers of history and architecture of the Czech Republic is also of great interest.

   Only in the Czech Republic there is the only unique Kostnitsa church in the world, consisting of the remains of at least 40 thousand people. According to the legend, a monk sent to the Holy Land from a local abbey brought some land from Golgotha, which he scattered on the territory of the abbey. Being buried there since then has become an obvious desire of the inhabitants of all the neighborhoods. At the end of the 19th century, the Schwarzenberg family bought the territory of an ancient monastery and hired wood-carver Frantisek Rint so that he would put in order a pile of folded bones. The results of his work speak for themselves. At the four corners of the cathedral are huge bell-shaped piles of bones. From the middle of the nave hangs a huge bone candelabrum, containing at least one copy of each of the human bones, and decorated with garlands of skulls.

Czech Republic - the country to visit which is at least once in a lifetime!

We provide you with treatment tours in Karlovy Vary.



07 / 07-2019 - 07/21/2019

Dbl comfort room-3499 evro


07/14/2019 - 07/28/2019

Dbl room -2760 evro

The price includes: accommodation, 3 meals a day, basic treatment for two in one room.

Price does not include:

Visa, visa support, air ticket, transfer.

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Tours in Prague:

Day trips for 1 person

Prague City Tour - 18 Euros (4 hours)

Old City - 13 Euro (duration 3 hours)

Jewish quarter in Prague - 23 euros (duration 2 hours)

Secrets of Prague dungeons and monasteries- 23 euros (duration 2 hours)

Legends of old Prague - 18 euros (duration 2 hours)

Beer tour - 40 euro (4 hours)

Korchma Detenice - 60 Euro (5 hours duration)

Boat trip + buffet -17 euro (duration 1.2 and 3 hours), 2 hours with lunch -35 euro, 3 hours with dinner -45 euro

Cesky Krumlov -40 euros (duration 11 hours)

Tours with departure from Prague:

Saxon Switzerland - 40 Euro (10 hours long)

Dresden -40 euros (duration 11 hours)

Vienna - 60 euros (duration 14 hours)

Nuremberg - 60 euros (duration 14 hours)

Munich - 70 euros (duration 15 hours)

Berlin - 70 euros (duration 15 hours)

Salzburg - 75 euros (duration 15 hours)

Munich and the castles of Bavaria 130 euros (duration 2 days)

Paris -150 euros (4 days)

Switzerland -170 euros (duration 2 days)

Pearl of Lake Constance -170 euro (prod. 2 days)

Benelux –Amsterdam * Brussels * Luxembourg - 350 Euro (additional 4 days)

Cannes-Nice-Monte-Carlo-310 euros (4 days)

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