Turkey is a state in southeastern Europe and southwest Asia, whose culture combines ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, and Byzantine and Ottoman traditions. In multinational Istanbul, spread out on the shores of the Bosphorus Strait, tourists are attracted by the famous Hagia Sophia with its domed dome and Christian mosaics, the majestic Blue Mosque of the 17th century and the Topkapi Palace built in the 1460s – the former residence of the Ottoman sultans. The capital of Turkey is the modern city of Ankara.

Despite the eastern temperament of the locals, the country can be safely called safe. Turks treat guests with great respect and strive to do everything to please them. In the tourist regions, you can safely walk in the evenings without fear of unpleasant meetings. The exception is Istanbul – here you need to be careful enough with your things (petty thefts are not uncommon), and choose crowded streets or taxis for night walks in the city.

If we summarize the interest of different tourists in this country, then undoubtedly, Turkey attracts with its:

  • high-quality beach vacation (which is really beautiful and very diverse here, like all 4 sea coasts washing the country);
  • excellent climate being healthy and with full energy (the southern regions of the country are more than 300 sunny days a year, the combination of mountain and sea air);
  • rich history (countless ancient monuments of the Ancient, Byzantine, Ottoman epochs have been preserved here, any corner of the country is literally an open-air museum);
  • unique nature (you can see the seas, mountain rivers and peaks, canyons, gorges, caves, lakes, islands, hot mineral springs and even extinct volcanoes);
  • inexhaustible opportunities for outdoor activities (hiking, cycling, river rafting, sea travel, yachting, diving, parasailing, paragliding and ballooning, winter sports, etc.);
  • various cultural events (festivals, concerts, exhibitions, museums and other events);
  • ultramodern cities, where all the novelties and opportunities are available that easily coexist with completely authentic villages, where life has not changed much over the past 100 years;
  • attitude to children (this is one of the most “child-loving” countries where they try to do everything to make it convenient and interesting for you and your child);
  • variety of cuisine, hospitality, fresh and very tasty products;
  • good shopping and much more.

On national holidays, Turkey becomes especially colorful. During the Bayram period (religious holidays of Muslims), the whole country literally goes somewhere – it is customary to visit relatives who usually live in different parts of Turkey. Any celebration, religious and secular, whether it is a Spring Meeting, Youth and Sports Day, Flower Festival, wedding or victory of your favorite football team is always held here very brightly, loudly and joyfully, charging all participants with a good share of positive.

Travel packages to the tourist cities of Turkey (Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Ku┼čadasi) can be purchased only for the summer season. There is also an early booking that starts in January, it is possible to book packages with a 25-30% discount.

Travel package to Istanbul can be booked at any time of the year.

The package price starts at 600 $ for two.

The price includes:

Flight, insurance, transfer, breakfast at the hotel and overnight.

For citizens of Azerbaijan to Turkey non-visa regime.

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