The advantages of Egypt are known to everyone: a quality beach holiday all year round in the Mediterranean and the Red Seas, diluted with excellent diving, plus a varied “excursion”: the pyramids, the Sphinx and Luxor. Everything about Egypt from Hurghada to Sharm: tours, hotels, prices, weather.

The capital is Cairo. Big cities are Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Port Said, Giza.

Country of sphinxes and pharaohs cannot have a banal administrative-territorial division - from this clerical phrase alone it already blows something boring. Everything is different here. Even from school, we know that in ancient times Egypt was divided into Upper, Lower and Middle. The most interesting thing is that the Upper is not at all a part of the country by the Mediterranean Sea, in the north.On the contrary - this is Lower Egypt. And that part, which is called the “upper”, is located “below” in the south, near the border with Sudan. As a result, Egypt can be divided into 6 large areas: the Sinai Peninsula, the Red Sea, the Western Desert and the same three historical areas with which we started: Lower, Middle and Upper. More information about these areas can be found on the page cities and resorts of Egypt.

7 things to do in Egypt

1. Take a memorable cruise on the Nile, glancing along the road to mystical temples full of mysteries of the pharaohs - Aswan, Kom Ombo, Esna or Edfu.

2. Swim with a scuba gear and a straight face over the Napoleon fish.

3. Take a picture of your profile against the background of the sphinx's beardless profile.

4. Visit the catacombs of Kom-ash-Shugaf in Alexandria, where the banquet hall for funeral celebrations has been preserved.

5. Count all the columns of ancient Karnak in Luxor.

6. Climb to Mount Sinai, where, according to legend, the prophet Moses personally communicated with God.

7. Find the worst mummy in the Cairo Museum and take a selfie with it - yes, likening it to an uneducated barbarian, but what a memory photo. 

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