Thailand is a country of hot sun, gentle sea and incredible drive. Spacious clean beaches, exotic vegetation and the smiles of local residents leave tourists with excellent memories of holidays in Thailand. On the coast there is a place for families with young children, and party-goers, and lovers of attractions - there are resorts in Thailand for every taste. Thailand is very diverse: there are quiet uninhabited corners, noisy party places resorts and cozy little beaches. Among the resorts of Thailand you can easily find one that suits a family with small children, one that will appeal to a youth company, and a secluded corner where monkeys are more common than people. This country has long been loved by tourists for its original culture, affordable prices and active nightlife. There are nightclubs in almost every resort in Thailand, some islands (Phi Phi, Phangan) are famous for holding noisy, unforgettable parties. Thailand is a territory of eternal summer. Speaking about the weather, the dry season and the rainy season are distinguished. The dry season lasts from November to March and differs mainly in clear weather. This time is considered the tourist season. The temperature keeps around +30 ° C, the water warms up to +27 ° C. The rainy season in Thailand is from April to October. It’s getting hotter, it often rains, the sea storms, although there are clear days. The resorts have significantly fewer tourists, lower prices for hotels and food. Surfers and windsurfers come precisely at this time to catch a wave.

The duration of the seasons and their features may vary slightly depending on the resort.


Phuket Island is the winner of Thai resorts, which attracts vacationers with a clear sea with a large number of beaches, as well as insanely beautiful nature. In Phuket, everyone will find a place to taste - the bustling Patong beach, more secluded places like Naithon Beach or the surrounding islands. There is a lot of entertainment and hotels for every taste and budget, the resort is popular with young people, couples with children, and older travelers.


The city of Pattaya is an inexpensive and world famous resort. Here you can find a record number of nightclubs and bars Go-Go, watch shows for adults. The second name of the resort is “the city of sin”, because sex tourism is developed here. Pattaya will also be able to offer interesting excursions to parks and farms with animals.

Visa to Thailand costs $ 45 for Azerbaijani citizens

Travel packages to Thailand cost two for $ 890

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