RESORT Truskavets (Ukrainian Truskavets) - a city of regional significance in the Lviv region of Ukraine, a balneological resort, formerly a resort of all-Union significance

Located in the foothills of the Ukrainian Carpathians, at an altitude of 400 m, south 84 km from Lviv, 9 km from Drohobych. The terminal station of the railway line from the station Drogobych, runs a train from Kiev, the Dnieper, trains and buses from Lviv. Since the 19th century, it has been known for its healing springs and rehabilitation centers. About 20 sanatoriums for 500-1000 places, clinics, hydropathic centers, many small private pensions. The city is surrounded by a ring road with a radius of about a kilometer and a length of 7.4 km (15 minutes walk from the center). From the dammed streams created three artificial reservoirs outside the city. On the slopes of the mountains - mixed forests (oak, beech, fir, spruce (Smereka), etc.)

For many decades, Truskavets sanatoriums have been considered a favorite vacation spot and recreation for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian and guests from near and far abroad. Very clean pristine nature, picturesque Carpathian mountains, healing springs with mineral water and new medical equipment help each guest to feel a surge of strength and inspiration, eliminating diseases even in severe and chronic forms.

The best sanatoriums in Truskavets are entire autonomous complexes, on the territory of which, in addition to the residential and wellness zone, it offers sports grounds, swimming pools, mineral water pump rooms, garden and park areas with numerous landscape design compositions, entertainment centers and spa areas . Thus, a vacation in Truskavets will never be boring and sad, because here a guest of any age and with any preferences will find a pleasant pastime. Each health resort of this resort has facilities for medical procedures using mineral water - pump rooms or other reservoirs with its own or imported mineral water.Vacation packages to sanatoriums can be purchased at travel agencies in Baku.A trip for 2 people with food, accommodation and treatment costs from 80 manats per day.Resort SkhidnytsiaSkhidnytsia resort is located in the Lviv region, just 21 kilometers from the city of Drohobych. A very picturesque area - mighty mountains covered with eternal forest, the mountain river Skhodnichanka and the picturesque valley, which, in fact, is the town.Now 38 sources with medicinal water and 17 wells work on the territory of Skhidnytsia - their main difference is a different physicochemical composition, which makes it possible to effectively and simultaneously treat important systems of the body's activity. The town received much more popularity and the title of an all-Union resort with the help of Emelyan Stotsky.
It was he who helped to break through the very first well with mineral water, which was later called "Naftusya". From this moment, people who wish to relax both from Ukraine and from near and far abroad go year-round to Skhidnytsia. The healing water of this resort, thanks to its special physico-chemical composition, has an amazing ability to enhance the processes of metabolism in the body. Due to this, metabolic processes are harmonized, secretory functions of the stomach, kidneys and liver function are improved.
Morshin resort For several decades, the Morshin resort has been considered one of the most popular health facilities in the Carpathian region. It is located in a picturesque mountain valley, which is located at an altitude of 340 meters above sea level. Its geographical location is very advantageous - only 82 kilometers are separated by Morshin from Lviv and 100 kilometers from Ivano-Frankivsk. In addition, a close neighbor is the equally popular resort of Truskavets - 50 kilometers. This small in size and population town is visited annually by hundreds of thousands who want to relax and improve their health by modern methods. In addition, a special relief can be observed here - the hills covered with woodlands occupy a fairly large part of Morshin. The rest, along the bed of the Bereznitsa mountain river, is occupied by a forest-park zone on the flat territory - this is where the famous Morshyn resorts are locatedEach health institution has large areas of green space, which are inherent in the Carpathian mountains. In addition, the administration of most sanatoriums took care of planting rare fauna representatives, so while relaxing in Morshyn you can also enjoy endangered species of trees, shrubs and flowers.

Resort Khmelnik Khmelnik resort is a real pearl of the tourist Vinnitsa. It seems that nature itself contributed to the formation of a resort area in this place - a comfortable climate, dense forests and great wealth - a unique mineral water containing in its multicomponent composition radon, potassium, radium, nitrogen, manganese, iron, bromine, sodium, iodine, cobalt. The content of mineral salts in one liter of Khmelnitsky water is 5.3 g. According to scientists, the chemical composition of this water is very similar to the famous Georgian Tskhaltubo and Russian Belokurikha.
Rest in Khmelnik is exactly what the body needs after months of hard work. The healing properties of nature will return vitality and spiritual power, normalize the work of all vital systems of the body and harmonize the spiritual state of each guest. Just a few weeks of spa treatment and your body will say “thank you”, inspiration and desire to create will return, symptoms of unpleasant ailments will disappear.Since the end of World War II, Khmilnik has been considered the only radon resort in Ukraine. On the territory of the city today there are more than 30 active wells, the water of which treats cardiovascular diseases, nervous system and joint diseases with no less effective means.
Do not expect your body’s problems to disappear on their own - with this statement you can seriously undermine your own health. If you think that treatment abroad is too expensive - cast aside your own doubts! Khmelnik Resort is able to satisfy all your needs, and the service of local health facilities competes worthy with foreign competitors. A unique combination of natural conditions, a harmonious microclimate with high-tech methods of healing will save you from the most unpleasant diseases and inspire you to come back here again and again.

Resorts of Zranscarpathia Transcarpathia is one of the most picturesque and mysterious corners of Ukraine. Highlands, rolling hills and a minimum of plains create beautiful landscapes that are sung in folk songs, described in books and loom in fiction. The Carpathian mountains protect this region from strong cyclones from the east, therefore in Transcarpathia such a mild climate and nature itself created all the conditions for a quality rest.

Rest in Zranscarpathia For those who care about their health and prefer an expensive vacation abroad, we report an equivalent alternative at a much lower cost - motels, hotels, estates in Zranscarpathia are always welcome guests regardless of the time of year or the weather outside. It is in this place that everyone will find something to enjoy, and will be able to discover Ukraine from a new, much more attractive side. Most of this region is occupied by the Carpathian mountains, the climate is mild, temperate continental, so it will be comfortable for people who are keenly responding to climate change. And it is here, in the area surrounded by steep slopes, there is a unique piece of land called Russian Wet, where there is snow for more than 110 days a year.

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