Greece is a country in southern Europe, located on the Balkan Peninsula and thousands of islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. She is the heiress of the powerful Ancient Greece, which is considered the cradle of Western civilization. The capital of Greece, Athens, is famous for its Acropolis fortress, built in the 5th century BC. e., and the Parthenon temple. Santorini's black sand beaches, Mykonos resorts and other summer destinations are popular with tourists. Greece is not only a country of olives, the blue sea with white sand and the sun, which shines here 300 days a year, it is the most unique country in the world. Greece, the longest coastline in Europe is more than 13.5 thousand km. The mild climate, an extensive excursion program, stunning nature are significant factors when choosing a tour to Greece. Particular attention should be paid to the island resorts: Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos, Kos, also to the Peloponnese peninsula, the capital city of Athens and the main resort place of mainland Greece, the KHaldiсi peninsula - these are different directions, but all this is Greece.We carefully select hotels and resorts for your vacation and help make your trip truly unforgettable. 

Crete - Heraklion The capital of Crete is Heraklion, the resort area of ​​which includes the nearby cities of Amoudara, Gouves, Hersonissos, Malia and Stalis. Almost all of them are amazingly suitable for young people due to their fun and laid-back atmosphere and lots of entertainment. Heraklion itself is a rather large city and seaport with a very colorful appearance. This is the center of the island’s modern life: there are prestigious shops, a bustling market, traditional taverns, new club complexes and Water City water park.

Rhodes - Kallithea / Faliraki East coast, near the city of Rhodes.Touristic areas: Kallithea, Faliraki. The region is suitable for a family beach holiday, as well as for young people thanks to the active nightlife in the center of Faliraki. You can go diving in the bays of Kallithea and Anthony Queen. Of the sights: baths in Kallithea (not operational), the church of the Virgin of Tsambiki (miraculous icon giving children). Beaches: sand with small pebbles, rocky bays Anthony Queen and Ladiko.

Corfu  The island of Corfu, glorified by Darell in his immortal book “My Family and Other Animals”, is certainly one of the most beautiful islands of Greece and indeed the Mediterranean. The combination of low mountains, endless forests and groves, small bays with sand and pebble beaches made Corfu not just popular, but an elite Greek resort. Many luxury hotels are secluded, have large areas and their own beaches. And recently, new hotels with SPA centers have appeared.The traditional way of life, plenty of entertainment (including a water park), an interesting excursion program makes Corfu an amazing vacation spot!

Mykonos is a popular tourist island of the Cyclades archipelago, in the very center of the Aegean Sea. The coastline of Mykonos is approximately 90 km. There are many good beaches in Mykonos, there are also sandy beaches, among the most popular are Elya, Platis Gialos, Ornos, Psaru and Panormos. Travelers will be pleased with the developed tourist infrastructure with a wide selection of diverse hotels.
The main attraction of the island is the capital of Chora, where traditional Cycladic architecture has been carefully preserved: white houses and narrow stone-lined streets that are used to walk pelicans - local favorites and unspoken talismans of Mykonos. The capital's port lives a full life: luxury yachts, cruise liners, ferries, sailing and fishing boats every minute stick to the shores of Mykonos. Windmills are another symbol of the resort, and the picturesque town of Venetias or “Little Venice”, where the houses approach the water itself, is the best place to enjoy the sunset.Mykonos - one of the most glamorous islands of Greece! The most popular and famous for it was the vibrant nightlife and grand parties, not inferior in scope to the discos of Ibiza. A relaxing beach holiday in the resort is perfectly combined with fiery night parties. Paradise and Super Paradise party beaches are famous all over the world.Here you can easily meet world-class stars, millionaires and politicians. It is customary to drink champagne at noon and go to bed at dawn. The restaurants and bars of Mykonos will be served by the best chefs from Greece and the world, the hotels will offer top-notch service, and the streets and beaches will have a parade of the latest collections of clothes from the best fashion houses. Holidays in Mykonos you will never forget!

Santorini is one of the most famous Cycladic islands in Greece and a unique creation of the forces of nature, which split the volcano of the same name 3,600 years ago, plunging it into the deep seahe volcano of the same name in parts, plunging it into the deep sea. Today, Santorini has the shape of a crescent, where snow-white cities and villages are built on the tops of the cliffs, striking with their unique architecture and the unique beauty of the landscapes.The island's enchanting image, filled with romance, sweet dreams and vivid impressions, is created by multi-colored beaches of volcanic sand (black, white and red), cycladic architecture with blue domes against a clear sky, stunning views of the volcano caldera and, of course, some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, to see which millions of visitors from around the world come annually.

Evia - one of the largest resort islands in Greece, located very close to Athens. The Greeks themselves call Evia “the Athenian cottage” and for good reason, a significant part of the capital's inhabitants has acquired their own homes on a picturesque island, or is resting here in numerous boarding houses, hotels and hotels. On the island there are opportunities for a variety of holidays. In the northern part of Evia there are famous hot springs, the healing properties of which were famous all over the world even in ancient Greece. This vibrant city will appeal to lovers of nightclubs, discos and noisy parties. Fans of secluded relaxation and a rich excursion program can be advised to Evia as a starting point for exploring Attica, because it is much easier to get to the famous places of Greece from here than from the Peloponnese. Unique Evia wines and excellent cuisine will complement the pleasant experience of relaxing on a charming island of legends.

 To enter the territory of the Republic of Greece, citizens of Azerbaijan must first obtain a Schengen visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Greece in Baku.Consular visa fee of 35 euro for adults. Children under 12 years old - free of charge. Pensioners upon provision of VTK certificate - free of chargePrice starts from 1000azn for 2 peoplePrice does not include airline tickets.  


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