Azerbaijan Formula 1 Grand Prix 2020


The Grand Prix in Azerbaijan, and also announced the launch of ticket sales for the race, scheduled for June 5-7, 2020 in Baku. With the launch of ticket sales for the fifth F1 race in Baku, BCC announced early booking of 4-day tickets at a special price - 20% lower than the nominal. This discount campaign is valid until January 15, 2020. In addition, local spectators, including Azerbaijani citizens and foreign citizens residing in the republic, will receive a 25% discount when buying tickets for a home race. Early booking of tickets applies exclusively to four-day tickets and the number of discount tickets in each platform is limited. This period will be especially beneficial for those who are going to attend the race with their children, since for children aged 2-15 years inclusive special discount tickets are offered to all stands.

Ticket prices for residents of Azerbaijan vary between 210 manat and 710 manat for adults and from 150 manat to 500 manat for children.

One-day tickets to free zones are also on sale, and prices for them will vary depending on the day of the race weekend within 110-190 manats.

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